Fiorgelato. “The Pure Italian Ice Cream” is made of 100% pure fresh milk and is produced fresh daily using the highest quality of natural ingredients imported from Italy.




A product of an honest to goodness real ice cream made European Style, has very little air whipped into it and has a low butterfat content… That is why our ice cream is heavier, denser and is almost double the weight of most regular ice creams. Ours is nutriciously rich in protein, calcuim and vitamins.




To make sure each Fiorgelato flavor lives up to our exacting standards, we use only the finest and most expensive heavy cream, chocolates, nuts, fresh fruits, and imported Italian flavorings.




From the creation of own personalized cart, to the use of imported Italian technology and equipment… A simultaneous pasteurization and homogenization process brings about a Fiorgelato with velvety-texture and rich consistency. Every step of the production is assured to be of high quality standard.




Whether Fiorgelato is in half gallon tin cans, pints, cups, coated cones, or its novelty products such as its twin ices or gelato bars… you’ll always have its great gelato taste. That is because Fiorgelato is a premium ice cream and no other ice cream can capture the essence of each natural ingredient.



CLASSICO Fior de Panna (Vanilla), Cappuccino (Coffee), Doppio Cioccolato (Double Chocolate),Pistaccio (Pistachio), Nocciola (Hazelnut), Tiramizu,  Milo Gelato

FAVORITO Biscotti (Cookies n' Cream), Formaggio (Cheese), Stracciatella, Choco Mallows, Menta (Mint),  Green Tea, White Choco Crunch, Pepper mint

FRUITS Fragola (Strawberry), Mango, Raspberry, Apple, Langka, Ube, Corn, Melon

CAKES&NUTS Butterscotch, Brownies and Cream, Choco Nut Fudge, Butter Cookies TWIRL Choco Marble, Ciocco Espresso, Tutti Fruity, Ube Mango

SHERBET Buko Lychee, Mango

LOW FAT NO ADDED SUGAR Pistaccio (Pistachio), Fragola (Strawberry), Cappuccino (Coffee)


The main product the company offers is an array of its 39 FLAVORS of Ice Cream and Sherbet with more upcoming NEW flavors for the coming year. 



                  No. of Persons    No. of Flavors        Amount

Package 1           100 persons           4 flavors*            Php. 5,500.00

Package 2           150 persons           6 flavors*            Php. 6,500.00

Package 3           200 persons           8 flavors*            Php. 7,500.00

Package 4           250 persons         10 flavors*            Php. 8,500.00  

* Selected flavors only


Package includes the following:

* Free use of Freezer with crew

* Free cones and cups

* Free delivery within Metro Manila






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